PCS:Crucifix Posed Actors

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Dead characters float about an inch off the ground with arms outstretched to the sides in a "crucifiction" pose.

Causes and Solutions

Cause 1 - Game Bug

This is a known game bug, but it is purely cosmetic. It does not cause problems in play.

Solution #1: Simply 'grab' the corpse and it will fall to the ground.

Solution #2: Use a mod with "de-crucify dead actors" feature. Examples are:
Auto-save and time by kuertee
Streamline by Jaga

  • In Streamline turn off the auto drop 'set SLKillCorpses to 0' entry and just use the manual key combination <ctrl+insert> if it causes conflicts with other mods. Should avoid conflicts by not having Streamline constantly searching to drop the bodies.
  • You may need to edit one Streamline script:

scn SLdiescript
Kill Self ; this line needs to be changed to
Kill ; new line

This should prevent the dead count from increasing incorrectly.