PCS:Distant land meshes are misaligned (Oblivion)

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Distant land meshes are misaligned (i.e., two halves of a hillside do not line up).

Causes and Solutions

Cause 1

Called a "Land Tear", these are gaps in the landscape caused by two mods making different edits to land heights in the same cell, typically only seen when you're right on top of them.
A "Quadrant" (Quad) is a space of 32x32 cells. If you have created a map by painting one whole viewable area in the heightmap editor, you have four quads (visible as divided by the green lines in the overview, if you have created one). They meet in the lower lefthand corner of cell "0,0". (Source: CS Wiki). The cells that make up a quad are not static or fixed, but depend upon the mods loaded that affect the viewable area. Changes in the Load Order can cause the cells that make up a quad to change, leaving mismatched land heights.
See The TES Texture Guide (TESTG) TESTG Glossary, TESTG Utilities, and TESTG VWD-OB pages for additional details on the complex subject of LOD/VWD textures and meshes.

Solution #1: The utility Land Magic tries to detect and fix tears in the landscape.
Note: TES4LODGen or other LOD Generators should be run after the Land Magic patch is created the first time (because it will affect the Load Order), but not necessarily afterwards if Land Magic is run again (unless the Load Order changes).

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