PCS:Large square holes in landscape

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There are large square holes in the game's landscape.

Causes and Solutions

Cause 1 - Resource Exhaustion?

This seems to happen in the game randomly sometimes, possibly tied to resource exhaustion.

Solution #1: If it's just one or two holes, restarting the game should take care of a particular instance of this issue.

Cause 2 - Esmified ESP

This problem is a symptom of an esmified plugin file. These plugins (ESP) would appear in blue text in Wrye Bash.

Solution #1: Espify any esmified plugins (and rebuild the Bashed Patch).

Cause 3 - Bad Plugin Edit

This problem could also be the result of a bad or wild plugin edit.

Solution #1: Try to identify the plugin by deactivating groups of plugins at time and then notify the author, try to delete the edit in TES4Edit or try to fix it in TESCS.

Solution #2: If the mod contains many such edits, it might be more efficient to drop the mod (at least until it is cleaned).