PCS:Mod resources are not being installed with an EXE installer

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After running an executable (EXE) installer, some or all resources are not installed.

Causes and Solutions

Cause 1 - UAC Protection

Windows 7 and Windows Vista users have User Account Control (UAC) on by default, which prevents applications without administrator privileges from installing and modifying files.

Solution #1: This issue affects many utilities and installers for Oblivion and mods, so the cleanest, safest method to avoid this and further related issues is to uninstall Oblivion and reinstall Oblivion to a folder outside of UAC protection (i.e., C:\Games). The same applies to Steam, if Oblivion is installed through it.

Solution #2: You can try to give the EXE files the necessary rights by right-clicking on it and using the Run as administrator option.

Solution #3: It is possible to only disabled UAC protection on the folder in which Oblivion is installed. Since Oblivion and other mods modify Documents/My Games, you may wish to disable protection on that folder as well.

Selectively Disable UAC ...

Solution #4: Another clean method (albeit a bit less safe) is to turn off User Account Control all together.

User Account Control