PCS:OBSE or a mod that depends on it does not function properly

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OBSE and/or mods that depend on it are not working properly or at all.

Causes and Solutions

Cause 1 - Update Oblivion

OBSE requires Oblivion 1.2.0416.

Solution #1: Install the latest official patch.

Cause 2 - Steam

If OBSE is not installed properly for Steam or Steam is configured improperly, OBSE will not work at all.

Solution #1: See OBSE Installation to check that your OBSE install is correct. Also make sure Steam Communities setting is enabled in Steam's config.

Cause 3 - Old Version of OBSE

An OBSE-dependent will not work properly if it depends on a version of OBSE later than the version you have installed.

Solution #1: Update OBSE to the version specified in the mod's doc or a later version.

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