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Objects are solid violet in game.

Causes and Solutions

Cause 1 - Meshes with bad file paths

This anomaly can be caused by invalid texture paths.

Solution #1: Use a troubleshooting aide to identify the owner of the object and the object's texture path(s).

You can further examine the object in NifSkope to view and fix the the object's texture path(s). Texture paths should start Textures and not "C:\" or "Data\".

Solution #2: If the problematic files are packed in a BSAs and the path problem is only due to the path containing forward slashes (/) instead of back slashes (\), then problem can be quickly remedies with TES4Files.

Cause 2 - Missing Textures

If the texture paths are valid, the problem may bet that the mod has not been installed completely or a needed dependency, an additional mod that to be downloaded in tandem, has not been installed.

Solution #1: First, check the ReadMe to see if there are any dependencies. Download and install those if so. Otherwise, check the mod package to see if the files are contained in the package and complete the install of the mod. If the files are missing all together, it may help to notify the author.