Reverting to Vanilla Oblivion

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This is a quick guide for reverting Oblivion to its out-of-the-box state.

The safest, least tedious (if you have many mods installed) way to do this is to highlight the files you do not want to delete in Explorer, click Edit (to open the 'Edit' menu) and choose 'Invert Selection'. The keyboard shortcut for doing this is ALT+E+I. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the regular command bar may be hidden, but pressing ALT will reveal it just above the command bar with 'Organize', 'Open', 'New folder', etc.

Reverting the My Games folder

If you really don't care about saving anything, you can delete the entire folder; however, if you have invested any time at all in the game, you may want to delete everything except for your Saves folder. In contrast, the only files that need to be deleted to revert the game to the Vanilla version (or have the game readjust for new hardware) are Oblivion.ini, BlendSettings.ini and RenderInfo.txt.

Reverting the Install folder

Nothing has to be done to this folder. If you use OBSE, all you have to do to ignore it is launch the game without OBSE. If you want to remove OBSE, simply remove all files beginning with "obse" in the name along with src (if it was installed). If, instead, you wish to completely revert the game to the post-install or post-official patch state, delete all but the following:

  • Data
  • Oblivion.exe
  • OblivionLauncher.exe
  • atimgpud.dll
  • binkw32.dll
  • Oblivion_default.ini
  • Bethesda.TXT
  • Readme.txt
  • LauncherMusic.wav

Reverting the Data folder

If you have used any music or video replacers (that override the original files), uninstall those via the relevant mods' instructions.

Remove all but the following:

  • Data
    • Folders: Music, Shaders, Video
    • BSAs "Oblivion - ": Meshes, Misc, Sounds, Textures - Compressed, Voices1, Voices2
    • BSAs "DLCShiveringIsles - ": Meshes, Sounds, Textures, Voices
    • DLCShiveringIsles.esp
    • Oblivion.esm
  • Data\Music
    • Folder: Battle, Dungeon, Explore, Public Special
  • Data\Shaders
    • SDP: shaderpackage001 - shaderpackage019
  • Data\Video
    • BIK: 2k games, bethesda softworks HD720p, CreditsMenu, game studios, Map loop, Oblivion iv logo, Oblivion Legal, OblivionIntro, OblivionOutro, Ruun

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