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In addition to using the mods listed below, keeping mods up to date and installing compatibility patches when they are made available are also very, very helpful for making your setup more stable.

Vanilla Fixes

Unofficial Official Bug-Fixing Modules

Other Modules

  • Animation Fixer by zBobGuy
    • fixes stuck animations
    • does not fix corrupted saves
  • Clean up by Kuertee
    • Helps prevent save game bloat
    • Cleans up dead actors and old, invalid records in your save file


>> Note: The Unofficial Oblivion Patch also contains the original NVIDIA Black Screen Fix's changes, but the Bashed Patch catches more cells than the regular Black Screen Fix, including those added by mods. Aphrodite's mods are extra fixes beyond changing the cell fog setting.

OBSE Plugins

  • Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v18
  • Fast Exit v2 by Scanti
    • A "clean quit" module
    • Get version 2!!
    • does NOT require Pluggy (or pressing extra buttons)
  • Clean Quit by Deathless Aphrodite
    • If, for some reason, Fast Exit does not work in a particular setup, this mod serves exactly the same purpose.
  • Windom Earle's Oblivion Crash Prevention System (WeOCPS) by Windom Earle
    • This mod is no longer updated.
    • This mod circumvents crashes. It does not fix them. Try to stabilize your setup before adding this, especially since it covers up problems that may otherwise be treatable.
    • Disabling its sounds (a ding played when a crash is prevented) can prevent crashes that this plugin may cause by halting Oblivion's main code for a short while.
    • This utility is in "alpha" development stage and will remain there
    • Bethsoft Forum Topic
    • Windom Earle's Crash-gathering topic
    • This mod also contains a "clean quit" fix.

Fixes and Patches for Commonly-Used Mods

FPS and Memory Management

The modules below reduce staggering changes in frame rates by capping FPS, keeping it within a specified range, and apply more efficient memory managing techniques. The latter feature is a definite help as far as preventing crashes is concerned. Both of these modules are safe as long as you are cautious about making changes to their INI settings, especially OSR. Streamline is indefinitely in hiatus and beta status. It also has a few quirks, but it has been in beta status for at least a year and is highly recommended by many mod users. Do not let the "beta" status scare you away from the OBSE modules. Many of them are in that state for long periods of time, if not always. The contributions to your game made by the plugins below will far outweigh their imperfections.

Oblivion Stutter Remover (OSR)

  • Latest beta: v4b1
  • It smooths stuttering and reduces sudden drops in FPS.
    • While using OSR and Streamline, many opt to turn off Streamline's StreamSmooth feature, which also caps FPS and reduces stuttering. However, it is less advanced in that feature than OSR.
    • If using OSR and Streamline's Stream Smooth feature, set the FPS range in SL within the range of OSR's FPS FPS range.
  • requires OBSE v17 or later
  • report crashes in the OSR thread on the BethSoft forums


  • Latest version: 3.1 beta (patched)
    • BAIN-ready version available at TESNexus
    • Safer alternative to autosaves, buffer purging, FPS smoothing and more...
    • Do Not Forget!! Install the 3.1 patch on top of 3.1!
    • See Configuring Streamline for help properly setting up the SL INI file.
    • requires OBSE v9 or later
    • Be aware that the StreamSmooth changes your video settings in order to maintain the given FPS range. If the settings changes are a bother, this feature can be turned off in the sl.ini.

Optimization Replacers for Vanilla and SI


  • LowPoly Grass by mmmpld
  • RPG-BlackDragon's LowTriPolygrass by RPGBlackDragon
    • The grass tweaks are not necessary, but reading them may help if you really need FPS.
    • OMOD Conversion Data by krull mcroth
  • Short Grass by Slig
    • very nice, nicely trimmed-down grass


  • Quiet Feet MAX by bunsaki
    • From mod's description: "highly recommended for users of integrated onboard audio that lack hardware audio support (Laptops/Motherboards)"
  • Quiet Feet MAX OMOD and OMOD Conversion Data by krull mcroth (orig: bunsaki)
    • From mod's description: "highly recommended for users of integrated onboard audio that lack hardware audio support (Laptops/Motherboards)"

World Meshes and Textures

  • Optimized Distant Land MAX 1.1 by bunsaki
    • These meshes have actually been reduced (not PyFFI-ed) but by manually editing the NIFs
    • The 50% version's visual loss is minor.
  • Qarl's Texture Pack III Reduced 1.3 by Bob Markinson
    • This is the second-most reduced version of QTP3.
    • The difference between the various versions of QTP3 is the texture size. The meshes are the same.
  • Reduced Landscape LOD Textures by Blade9722 and Qarl
    • These are a selection of texture size reductions for BTQ Landscape LODs and Qarl's normals.
    • By no means are all of these intended for low-end systems.

PyFFI-Optimized Mods & Mod Patches

Optimized Meshes Downloads

Already PyFFI Optimized

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