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Hi there!

About the Wiki Transformation

The new site is backed by MediaWiki; however, it is still being designed with the same old goals in mind and is, therefore, not a normal, open wiki. In the past, I shied away from the "wiki" path because TESCOSI is not intended to be a large site. All of the reorganization attempts have the aim of making it as easy as possibly for viewers to find the desired information.

I am still learning how to manage this new system, but the wiki format should make it easier for me to keep the site up-to-date. For now, it is still best to contact me at the BethSoft forums or the Nexus Forums. I will probably soon setup something here for keeping track of site feedback.

Due to the cost of the additional domain, I will probably add a donation box or add some other little source of revenue, maybe Google AdSense to cover the extra incurred cost.

We'll see how this goes.


Well... I was working on a guide by Blade of Mercy in order to try to smooth the last one-to-a-couple-hours crash from my game. When I came across steps involving, PyFFI, a Python program, and checked it out and found myself hesitant to proceed. Using PyFFI to optimize meshes definitely helps improve FPS, so explored for more answers. I asked in the PYFFI Automation Tool thread, and the author, Dan (Kandiedan), warned against inexperienced users doing this themselves because you need to know how to check for bad meshes. Well, soon after, other experienced modders assuaged a number of my concerns. Now I want to spread information about PyFFI and other ways to optimize and stabilize Oblivion setups. My focus, even at my usual hangouts, is to help users get their setups up and running, preferably smoothly. This site is an extension of these wishes.

Site Name

Originally, this site was name TESIV:POSItive: TESIV standing for Oblivion and POSI standing for Performance, Optimization and Stability Information. There were a couple of issues: 1) the acronym was slightly redundant 2) it's not easy to type 3) that's not a good name for a wiki and 4) most importantly, it's too long. The current tag-on acronym is, COSI, pronounced "cozy". Cozy is synonymous with comfortable, and this site aims to make users more comfortable with managing a modified setup. That's the first way in which it fits. Secondly, it stands for Configuration, Optimization, Stabilization and Installation, which covers almost every primary subject on this site. It would be almost complete if I could fit troubleshooting in somewhere, the last of the "big 5" topics on this site.

Have fun browsing!

Tomlong75210 15:30, 19 March 2011 (PDT)

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