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The old TESIV:POSItive Acknowledgements page

The Contributors

Albertine --helped notice a lot of little mod bugs

Arthmoor --too much to list here, including: tons of load order help, INI suggestions, mod suggestions, a mod-specific list

alt3rn1ty --helped with the "beta reading", catching typos in the guides and instructions, offered many relevant content additions

Bethesda --need I say anything...Elderscrolls, Morrowind, Oblivion...Thank you...

BethSoft Oblivion Hardware and Software Forum Gurus --constant support and technical advice (not to mention the excellent, pinned, tech-related guides)

Blade of Mercy --Inspiration to create this site, 50 Steps Crash-Free Setup Guideline and much, much more

bg2408 --a lot of troubleshooting help and conflict tips

Camaro-69_327 --helped a ton to make this site's content clearer and more friendly for new users

ClockworkEnd --tested the Robert v5 Beta OMOD script

CorePC --too much to list here, including much crashes, solutions and problems information

Dan (kandiedan) --PyFFI Automation Utility

Dodgy Bob --very nice Fran installation for FCOM instructions enhancement suggestions

Dunkleherz and Emm --figured out the cause behind an obscure nVidia black screen issue-like bug (CPS)

display name is already in use (Vorians) --Helped me with countless load order issues

Falchya --BethSoft Hardware and Software Issues Forum guru

Gekko64 --Oblivion.ini interior lighting tweaks

gothemasticator --helped point out and suggest better wording choices in various parts of the site

H2Odk --extensive BSA and archive invalidation testing

HeyYou --BethSoft Hardware and Software Issues Forum guru

JDFan --BethSoft Hardware and Software Issues Forum guru

LHammond --OBMM HowTo, a site with many clear OBMM tutorials, creating OMODs, OMOD scripts, etc.

Loopy_Cecil --courteous and diligent proofreading

Lord Athanar --BethSoft Hardware and Software Issues Forum guru

leonardo2 --helping out with layout, themes and other structural matters

Nightwolfhunter --"official" super cool guinea pig for the Complete Guide to Modified Oblivion

NLZ --caught a couple blatant, confusing placements

Peter ID --great reviewer

Phoshi --Oblivion INI contribution

Psymon --gave a lot of advice on the presentation of material and contributed much info, especially where BAIN is involved

Raestloz --helped with uploading Oblivion.ini graphics settings comparison

Raymond Augustin --tested the Robert v5 Beta OMOD script

retroredeye --super helpful reading through and newbie-proofing the BAIN install guide

runlvlzero --helped with the "beta reading", catching typos in the instructions in the site's thread and the site

Shinra88 --PyFFI-ing information

SoSway --PyFFI leading spaces meshes list, OSR info, other technical help

Starforce9 --BethSoft Hardware and Software Issues Forum guru

scruggsywuggsy the ferret --Thank you so much for responding about that Steam command (for OBSE users.)

Terra Nova --critical feedback on various structural features

TheNiceOne --offers script-related advice and has made OMOD installers for a number of mods

ThumperZ --Additional Streamline and Oblivion INI changes information

Tig Ol Bitties --BethSoft Hardware and Software Issues Forum guru

Tofolo --getting involved as a new user, clarity and examples suggestions

tcr2 --crash picture

ulrim --has contributed a lot of PyFFI-related advice

Vegetabill --proof reading, caught a lot of little inconsistencies

wrinklyninja --visual appearance suggestions and pointing out content inaccuracies

Additional thanks to...

  • Modders who gave input in the plugin cleaning discussion
  • Authors that took the time to optimize their meshes and clean their plugins
  • Users who contributed and volunteered their load orders
  • Bethesda Softworks, for making Oblivion

"Thank for contributing to a smoother Oblivion experience!"

Tomlong75210 17:15, 3 July 2011 (PDT)

Frans, War Cry, Oscuro's, Martigen

Bethesda Softworks Archive

Oblivion Mod Manager

BAsh INstallers

Oblivion Script Extender