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TESCOSI is an open-content, non-profit website. The information here is offered freely, "as is", and TESCOSI cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information found here. This site's purpose is to serve as an information repository for certain games belonging to The Elder Scrolls series; however, TESCOSI claims no relation to and is neither endorsed nor supported by Bethesda Softworks nor parent company ZeniMax Media.

No Formal Peer Review

TESCOSI has not established any sort of formal peer review system, and no members have any legal duty to correct or review errors in the content. Therefore, all content viewed here is without any implied warranty of fitness of use for any purpose or use.

No Contract;Limited License

TESCOSI claims no responsibility for any materials submitted by any contributors as it is understood that that information is submitted under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Furthermore, TESCOSI claims no responsibility for said materials should it be changed, edited or modified in any way by an outside party.


Excepting trademarked contents, the contents of TESCOSI are licensed to be copied or distributed under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. The use of trademarked content on this site does not imply that this information may be used freely by any party other than its respective owners, nor does it imply that such usage has been endorsed by the trademark owners.

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