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The privacy of users of TESCOSI is an important aspect of respecting those who use this site; as such, this page has been provided detailing the usage and collection policies of information of users of TESCOSI.

User Accounts and Authorship

Any edit to this site's content is considered a publication. Non-registered users will have their IP address displayed. Users who have registered and logged in, on the other hand, will be identified by their registered username. Note that all users are considered non-registered until after logging in. The identity of the edit (in either of the aforementioned forms) is visible in Recent Changes and the History log for the page which has been edited. Unless required by law, passwords and cookies used to identify users should not be disclosed to other individuals; however, it is the user's responsibility not to disclose such personal information to the public in activities beyond the control of this site, such as email (even via this Wiki's user-to-user email feature), chat and other non-regulated forms of communication.

All contributions to TESCOSI are publicly available and will be maintained forever unless there is legal need to remove material.


A session ID cookie is set every time you visit TESCOSI. Additional cookies may be set upon login. In particular, if you so choose, a long-term cookie will be set to identify your account for 30 day, after which point it will expire. Until then, or until the cookie is removed, you will not have to log in again. All other temporary cookies set by this site are deleted after leaving this site or ending the browser session. All cookies can be cleared by clearing your browser's cookie cache.

Use of Collected Data

Personally-identifiable information, such as an IP address, is collected solely for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of the site and for preventing or addressing abusive activities. This information may also be used to protect TESCOSI against liability or activities that would otherwise bring it into conflict with the law.

Logs held on the server are used to investigate miscreant behavior, troubleshoot technical problems and generate site statistics. The latter occurs regularly via a mechanical process that does not require human intervention. Administrators, however, may use the logs to assist with the first two tasks.

Except in the case where it is legally impermissible or poses a potential threat to the health of other individuals, users will be notified of the disclosure of users' information.


Advertising may be added to TESCOSI to assist with operation costs. If and when this occurs, further details about the service and possible information it may collect will be included here.


If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please see the Contact page.