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Current phase: Move Phase 2 - cleaning - have to deal with image copy rights, attribution, etc.

10:55, 4 July 2011 (PDT)

Move Phase 1 - On Test Domain


  • Convert TESIV:POSItive into a wiki
  • Choose a shorter name, now TESCOSI
  • Make the site is copyright compliant
  • Make the site closed (to reflect old site and until Wiki software is better understood)


  1. Install MediaWiki
  2. Prepare MediaWiki for site (ongoing)
  3. Add content
    • Old content left: Complete Guide, OOO Guide, FCOM Guide, OOO+MMM Guide, CPS Library (now called "PCS Library")
    • All media content needs proper copyright information
    • Some media content needs to be reuploaded to ensure copyright compliance
  4. privacy policy
  5. Favicon.ico
  6. Test user rights

Move Phase 2 - Moving to new domain


  • Get site up-to-date
  • Show users to new site
  • Get user feedback about new site
  • Make site more identifiable


  1. Update utility and mod guide information (i.e., BOMM, Wrye Bash, OOO?, FCOM?)
    • read updated docs
    • go through install processes again
  2. Move MediaWiki (possibly during update process, depends on time)
  3. maybe make sure at least "Discussion" pages are accessible to all users
  4. contact previous contributors
    • look for willing testers (editors)
    • look for a few potential administrators (reviewers)
  5. Write report about state of the site (i.e., why user rights are as they are)
  6. Add 301 Redirects to all old pages
    • look into programmatically redirecting, taking advantage of MediaWiki software
  7. Favicon.ico (in progress)
  8. Site Logo (still a wish list item)
  9. Upload screen shots

Move Phase III - At new home


  • Act on user feedback
  • Offer contact and feedback options
  • Get more user feedback
  • Work more on aesthetics and organization
  • Help users get used to wiki


  • miscellaneous updates to site
  • write help pages for navigation
  • write help page for introducing wiki
  • propose comment tab versus Disqus comments
  • propose different navigation schemes (trying to optimize sidebar)
  • push designer about site logo
  • start talking with designer about site skin

First Month


  • Find a few reviewers and active editors
  • Determine a new page contribution process
  • Add and update content
  • Get user feedback about adjusting to the new site
  • Work on aesthetics


  • Follow up on contribution offers for old sites
  • Try out and choose between two to four commenting methods
  • Setup (user) forums
  • Make changes in response to user feedback
  • Work on skins, especially for extensions
  • Work on more guides
  • Add screenshots where they would help articles

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul

Frans, War Cry, Oscuro's, Martigen

Martigen's Monster Mod