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This is just the meeting place for all of the troubleshooting pages, but it has a few suggestions for helping yourself as well. The more information you can gather about your problem, the quicker a solution can be found.

Facts & Tips

  • There is a hard cap of 255 active plugins.
  • There is a soft cap of 300-400 total BSAs and plugins that can be installed in your data folder (before Oblivion starts acting "funny.")
  • CTD on Startup usually indicates a missing master or a bad Oblivion.ini setting.
  • Whenever troubleshooting crashes, try regenerating a fresh Oblivion.ini.
  • Reinstalling Oblivion will not overwrite an existing Oblivion.ini, so clear it out along with the My Games\Oblivion folder for a clean sweep.
  • Wrye Bash users should rebuild the bashed patch after all load order changes. Not doing so may result in CTDs.
  • The GOTY edition of Oblivion is already patched to the latest version.
  • It is usually best to post your load order with your mod-related questions.
  • The list that BOSS prints is not your load order.
  • Check the BOSS log for compatibility information and other suggestions.
  • FormID Finder and RefScope can be used to track down missing meshes and textures.
  • You need to use some form of "archive invalidation", preferably "BSA redirection" (included in OBMM and WB; see BSAs and Archive Invalidation) if using mods that replace files in BSAs.
  • If you cannot open the console for some reason, get the Ring of Console mods (linked under "Related Resources".)
  • Win7 and Vista users should either install outside of the Program Files (x86) folder or turn of the UAC for the Oblivion folder.

A Troubleshooting Checklist

  • Regenerate your Oblivion.ini
  • Make sure you made the DarNified UI or DarkUIdDarN font changes if not using OBMM or after regenerating a new Oblivion.ini
  • If not using UI, make sure the game is patched to the latest version
  • Use utility mods and TES4Edit to narrow down possible candidates for the problem
  • Run your load order through BOSS and hand-placed unrecognized plugins, or otherwise made sure it is correct
  • Check the BOSS log for suggested changes
  • Make sure that you have no missing or delinquent masters
  • Make sure FFDShow set to ignore Oblivion, sound and video-wise
  • Try a codec reset utility
  • Check out the "Problems, Causes, and Solutions Library" (PCS Library)
  • Exhaust the resources linked below
  • Update your mods
  • Update your drivers
  • Test without mods
  • Rebuild your bashed patch after making changes to your LO
  • Rerun TES4LODGen after making changes to your LO
  • Try a clean boot
  • Make sure BSAs are being loaded
  • Download at least the version of OBSE specified by your mods
  • Make sure BSA Redirection (archive invalidation) is turned on in OBMM and/or BAIN
  • Do a clean update of any mod(s) recently installed, if the issue seems to be mod related

Other Quick Tests

  • Test for bad spawn - crash is area consistent.
    • In order to get back to the test area quickly, first get the ID for an interior nearby (or the current one.)
      • Open the console.
      • Enter "TDT" (toggle debug text).
      • If the cell ID is not in the upper-left corner already, use the console command "SDT 0".
        >> Note: link listing all of the SetDebugText pages can be found in the "Related Resources" section
    • Use the console command "COC Testinghall" to get to the testinghall.
    • Wait 73 hours (or more, if you extended the cell respawn time.)
      >> Note: 1) The default cell respawn time is 3 days (72 hrs). 2) You have to wait at least one more hour after the default time for cells to reset. 3) You need to be at least two cells away from the cell that needs to be respawn for the contents to be respawned.
    • Use "COC <cell ID grabbed in first step>" to get back to where you were in the beginning.
  • Test for bad save data - consistent crashes
  • Rollback to an earlier save and go back to the same place or do the same thing to see if the problem is resolved.

Useful Info When Asking for Help

  • Mods
    • Test the problem without any mods installed. Remember the mods that do not have plugins.
    • The fewer mods you can narrow down as possible cause.
    • Post your load order, preferably with Wrye Bash.
    • Post your OBSE version and plugins as well.
    • Use FormID Finder, Kuertee's Actor Details and RefScope to track down the owners of meshes, textures, etc.
    • Try console commands such as toggle AI (tai) and toggle script (toggle script) to try to narrow down the nature of the issue.
  • Possible hardware or software-related issue
  • Crashing
    • Be as specific about the crashes as possible (i.e., common location or action.)

Asking for help

  • Please post long lists in spoiler tags [spoiler]<text>[/spoiler]
  • Is the problem specific to a mod or group of mods?
    >> Note: Many utilities have a thread too
    • Do not assume. Test the game without mods first.
    • Try to post in the relevant mod(s)' thread in the Mods forum before starting your own thread.
    • Give them some time to get to your request. Most users do not hang about all day.
    • Search for the mod(s)' threads in the BethSoft Mods forum.
      >> Note: Try using fewer words or more-specific names to find the thread
    • Post your load order along with your question, preferably with Wrye Bash.
  • Is the problem mod-related at all?
  • Does the problem persist without mods or are you running the game without mods?
  • Utilities
    • A number of mod utilities have current threads. Try to find those first.
    • Include the exact error message (if it is not too long.)

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