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There are two types of collections of mods for the general community, general mod uploads and type-specific mod lists. For an extensive list of lists, check out CliffWorm's List of Mods Lists. Since they are specific, lists tend to offer more comparison and detail. If you have a type of mod in mind and it seems to fit in some sort of category, find the related list and compare the options. However, many mods will not make the lists, and they may be just right for you. If you are looking for a certain kind of mod and cannot find something that fits, search for the "Mod Detectives" and "Mod Psychics" threads on the BethSoft forums and ask for whatever you have in mind there. The mods sites catch almost everything and are constantly updated.

Top Information Sites

Some of the most popular sites with information about various types of mods..."

Top Upload Sites

Some of the most popular sites for downloading TES mods...

  1. The Elderscrolls Nexus (TESNexus) - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/
    • biggest mod database
    • offers quick search (mod names), category search, tag search (user opinions), advanced search (many, many options)
      • a good way to find "top" mods is to browse a category and sort "downloads" "desc"
      • a quick way to find a certain type of mod is to do a quick search for part of a mod's name
    • See [?page=searching_tesnexus Browsing TESNexus] for search tips
  2. TES Alliance - http://www.tesalliance.org/
    • pretty with lots of media
    • some mods can only be found here
  3. TES File Front
  4. ElricM
  5. Great House Fliggerty - http://download.fliggerty.com/download
    • best known for their extensive collection of Morrowind mods, they have some Oblivion and Fallout mods as well
  6. AFK Mods - http://afkmods.iguanadons.net/
    • the home of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch
    • all of Arthmoor's mods can be found here, along with a few other exclusives
  7. The Assimilation Lab - http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/
    • exclusive download site for Iliana's Elsweyr Anequina mod (only site supported by author)
    • mirror site for several mods that were previously hosted on Planet Elder Scrolls, which no longer exists
    • home of the Unofficial Morrowind Patch, The Dark Brotherhood Chronicles and Oblivion XP
  8. Mods Download Sites
  9. Many more upload sites...

Detailed or Specific Mod List Sites

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