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Utility Profile
Name Wrye Bash
Author(s) Wrye
Short Name Bash
Current v295.5
Project Page homepage
Download Wrye Bash at TESNexus
Supported Games Oblivion

Wrye Bash (by Wrye) is the most complex mod utility available for Oblivion. It offers load ordering, mod installation, save managing and much more. As long as your read the documentation, neither the setup nor the usage is particularly difficult. Ask questions in Bethesda Softworks Oblivion Mods forum if you really cannot find your answer amongst the various Wrye Bash resources. Check out the Wrye Bash BethSoft thread for information about past, current and future updates.

>> Note: 1) Win7 and Vista users not running on an admin account need to make sure that Wrye Bash is set to run with administrator privileges, which can be set in the files' Compatibility tab.

Especially if you are a newer user, check out alt3rn1ty's Wrye Bash Pictorial Guide for a more comprehensive, screenshot-aided overview of using Bash and BAIN.


The following is nowhere near being an exhaustive list...

  • Bashed Patch - This "well connected" plugin that allows for the virtual activation of mods
  • List Mods - Please use this to post your load order in the BethSoft forums. It copies the list for you with "codebox" tags. It shows which mods are active and what state of activation each one is in.
  • Lock times - Turn this off when you are making changes to your load order (otherwise it will not changes unless you install or remove plugins.) Turn it on when you are done, so that you or OBMM do not mess up the tweaked load order.
  • Load ordering - Use ctrl+up and ctrl+down to move plugins up and down in the load list. (Make sure your mods are sorted by load order when doing this.)
  • Top-level error checking - These errors are indicated by the various states of the check boxes to the left of plugins and save files (explained below.)
  • Save Managing - Go to the "Saves" tab to add and modify save profiles.
  • Mod Installation - BAIN. (See "Related Pages" for more information.)
  • Various plugin actions - nVidia fog fix, remove world orphans, espify/esmify ESMs/ESPs

Some Error Messages

  • WindowsError: [Error 5] Access is denied: '<path to some file>'
    • When using BAIN, you need to use an administrator account or modify Wrye Bash's properties to run as administrator to allow BAIN to modify your data folder's contents.

Bashed Patch

Check out Waruddar's Patch Option Reference for a description of each tag.

Build Instructions

  1. Right-click on the Bashed Patch
  2. Click 'Rebuild patch...' from the menu.

Bash Installation

These are not instructions for advanced users trying experimental installers, etc.

Wrye Bash is the most powerful mod-management utility available for Elder Scrolls IV. Use it to fine-tune your load order, manage saves, install mods and more.

If you've already installed Python or will need to install Python to run PyFFI, etc...

  1. Download the latest executable version of Wrye Bash.
  2. If you haven't already done so, also download the latest Wrye Python package.
  3. Run the Wrye Python installer (if necessary).
  4. Windows 7 and Windows Vista users, right-click on the Wrye Bash executable and select Run as administrator. Windows XP users can just double-click on the executable to run it.

If you are not interested in installing Python (or tools dependent on Python, such as PyFFI)...

  1. Download the latest stand-alone installer for Wrye Bash.
  2. Windows 7 and Windows Vista users, right-click on the Wrye Bash executable and select Run as administrator. Windows XP users can just double-click on the executable to run it.
    • Requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package. Download this if it is not already installed.
      • The C++ runtime installation is quick and will abort if it has already been installed, so nothing harmful should come of trying to install it (again).

Users planning to install BAIN can see BAIN Tutorials for more configuration instructions and tips. Bash's installer BAIN, takes patience and a some knowledge of mod packaging to learn how to really make use of it. In contrast, OBMM's installation and configuration is simple. However, BAIN's uninstallations are cleaner, installation status is more visible and accurate, and it inherently affords prioritized installation.

BAIN Installation

The mod installer...

  1. Launch Wrye Bash.
  2. Click on the 'Installers' tab, initializing BAIN (...nothing much will seem to happen..)
    >> Note: 1) Once initialized, BAIN creates a folder Oblivion install path/Oblivion Mods/Bash Installers. That is where BAIN packages and projects are located. 2) Right-click on the "packages" tab and choose "Open..." to open your Bash Installers folder. 3) The default location of the Oblivion Mods folder is at the same level as the Oblivion folder.
  3. Right-click on the "Packages" tab: Choose your desired settings, but very useful things to check are "Auto-Anneal," "Auto-Refresh Projects," "BSA Redirection" and (optional but recommended) "Projects First". If you use TES4LODGen, check the skip DLOD files option as well.
    >> Note: 1) If you check BSA Redirection here, be sure to unset this option in OBMM; otherwise, leave "BSA Redirection" unchecked in BAIN. Using either is fine, but try to make sure you only have this implemented once. 2) See BSAs and Archive Invalidation in order to learn more about BSA Redirection. 3) TES4LODGen's generated VWD data, which is based on your entire load list, is more complete than any VWD data offered by any single mod.

Moving the Oblivion Mods Folder

...away from the main Oblivion install

  1. Find the "bash_default.ini" in Oblivion\Mopy and copy it
  2. Rename the copy to "bash.ini."
  3. Open the bash.ini.
  4. Search for the setting 'sOblivionMods' and set path to where you want the Oblivion Mods folder to be placed (or to where you have already moved it.)
    >> Note: 1) Moving the folder first would ensure that Bash keeps track of your packages (i.e., each packages priority.) </span>
  5. Save and close the INI file.
  6. Launch Wrye Bash, go to the Installers tab, and right-click on 'Open...'. If the contents of the folder are not what you expect make sure that you set the right filepath in the INI or that you have move the old folder to the correct location.

Add INI Tweaks to Wrye Bash

If the few INI tweaks installed by Wrye Bash are not enough for you, edit the existing INI tweak files or make your own. Bash's INI tweaks are found in Oblivion\Data\INI Tweaks.

  1. Open up a text editor (i.e., Notepad++)
  2. Add the tweak(s) you want for this INI tweak file, or open up an existing INI tweak.
    >> Note: 1) If you do not know the exact name off the top of your head, copy the relevant line out of the Oblivion.ini. 2) See Oblivion.ini Tweaks for more info about the Oblivion.ini 3) Add comments after a semicolon (;), but make sure the line does not run over 256 characters. That is useful if you want to have the original setting on hand.
  3. Save the INI file to Bash's INI Tweaks folder, naming it "<some name>.ini".
  4. Launch Wrye Bash and go to the INI Tweaks tab to enable the tweak.

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